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Corey’s News in 2018

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2018 Travel

I spent about half of the year traveling. Here’s what it looked like graphically:


One week on the road in Utah with my buddy Santosh. We hiked The Wave, and visited nationals and state parks.


I spend about 30% of my time in Colorado in 2018. Here are some sights.


We spent ten days in Santorini and Mykonos, Greece in September traveling with our good friends Tom and Helma Walker.

Consortium Partners

I created an organization of technology business owners that get together socially monthly to refer business toward each other. The group is called Consortium Partners. We have 50+ members now, and are in 4 cities: Houston, Denver, Dallas, and Seattle. What’s been extraordinary has been how interesting and fun the group has been.


I continue to enjoy jazz. I take improvisational jazz piano lessons, play squash and hike to keep mentally and physically active.  In February, Gladys and I went to NYC on a Jazz Crawl with our friends Keith and Joyce. 



Gladys’ News in 2018

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Jazz Crawl in New York

Corey and I went to NYC this year to go on Jazz crawl. We went to four clubs and spent a wonderful time with our friends Keith and Joyce. One of my favorite places was the Carnegie Club. We heard a 12 piece band that did Frank Sinatra tunes. If you closed your eyes you would think that the band leader were Frank Sinatra himself.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

We also spent 5 days in the Dominican Republic with our friends Tom and Helma.


Like every year, spent time with my family in Paraguay. I enjoy seeing my little nephews growing up. We had a lot of fun with my sisters Blanca, Chimy, Rosi (and husband Marcelo), Silvana and (her son my nephew) Luis. We also went on a hike near Chololo, Paraguay

Charlie's News in 2018

Alison’s news in 2018

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