Gladys’ News in 2017

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In the Mind of 17-Year-Old Gladys

What was your favorite song at 17-years-old?

Rosa Rosa – Sandro de America

What were your favorite hobbies/activities?

I did all sorts of tumbling, acrobatics and cheerleading.

What would 17-year-old you think of who you are today?

17-year-old me would be weirded out that she was talking to present-day Gladys. That’s crazy.

Gladys’ Summary in 2017

Year 2017 was an interesting year. My health has improved. I continue working and travel a lots. I went to Paraguay for six months to fix our small farm. I also did a couple of short trips with my sisters Blanca and Rosi. We went to,see Yguazú Falls on the Argentine side. It was beautiful. Corey and I went to Boulder Colorado to see the Fall colors change and celebrate our 33rd wedding anniversary. We also got to see Charlie and Elisa, and all had great time. In October went to Key West to experience Fantasy Fest with our long-time friends Helma and Tom. We also got to see my sister and nephew Silvana and Luis while in Miami on the same trip.

Girlfriends at Holiday Party