Corey’s News in 2017

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In the Mind of 17-Year-Old Corey

What was your favorite song at 17-years-old?

Alice’s Restaurant – Artho Guthrie

What were your favorite hobbies/activities?

Outdoorsy things, hiking, camping, etc.

What would 17-year-old you think of who you are today?

Dude, your life is way cool. I want a life like yours when I grow up.

Corey’s Summary of 2017

Hiking in Arizona

I had made reservations a year in advance to hike the Grand Canyon with 4 other buddies, Manish Asthana, Jay Wall, Luis Ossorio and his son Joey. The day of the hike we had a snowstorm and had to switch plans. We ended up going to Sedona, and had a great trip despite the change in plans.

Kiabab Trailhead

Jazz Improvisation

I began taking piano lessons once a month to learn how to play improvisational Jazz. I had been floundering for years and lessons made the difference. I can now play dozens of tunes by ear, with a creative jazz sound. It’s a real delightful form of entertainment playing for hours on my new Korg keyboard.


In addition to playing the piano, I continue to play Squash for a dozen years, now averaging 6 hours per week on the court.

Korg Keyboard

Zion National Park

In March I hiked Zion National Park with my hiking buddy, Peter Glynn. We stayed in the park lodge right on the trailhead and did a 14 mile hike that day. Lot’s of things to do in the area. One of my favorite national parks.

Northern California

In April Peter and I hiked Muir Woods north of San Francisco. The area has a protected seashore with miles of hiking trails. Next trip, I’d like to start the hike in San Francisco, through Muir Woods to Stinson Beach to get a complete cross section of hiking from urban, to rainforest to sea shore. Anyone interested in joining me?

Hiking Zion with Peter Glynn
Muir Woods

Two trips to Costa Rica

In June I went to Costa Rica with Brian Gaubert to hang out and do some White Water Rafting.

In November, I went again with Santosh Varughese. We explored Manuel Antonio National Park. More pictures here.

White-faced Monkeys in Manuel Antonio National Park, Quepos, Costa Rica
White Water Rafting in Costa Rica

Fly Fishing with Jay Curry

This year I went fly fishing twice with Jay Curry: in June to Helena Montana, where we each caught at least one on every drift, and in July on the San Juan, in New Mexico just south of Jay’s fabulous home in Durango, CO.

Fly Fishing with Jay Curry - A Two-fer

Hiking in Boulder, CO with Charlie

Charlie and I hiked his stomping grounds, the mountains overlooking Boulder, CO where he lives. The hike was very challenging because there was a lot of scrambling over rugged terrain.

Hiking in Boulder, with Charlie

Pacific Northwest

I spent 2 weeks exploring the Pacific Northwest from Banff, Canada, the Olympic Peninsula and Downtown Seattle. I especially enjoyed Seattle, both the city and surrounding outdoors beauty so close to the city. Worth going back to to explore more. More pictures here.

Mount Rainier National Park

Asuncion, Paraguay

Alison and I went to our home in Paraguay to check out the improvements Gladys had made on the farm in the interior and our home in the capital, and hang out with family.

Alison in our farm house in Ita, Paraguay

Total Eclipse

On August 21st, Charlie, Elisa, Luis, Silvana and I experienced the Total Eclipse on the Wind River Indian Reservation, in Wyoming. It was an amazing experience. Lesson learned: wait another 24 hours before heading back to avoid a 200 mile parking lot. More pictures here.

Colorado Fall Colors

Gladys and I spent our 33rd wedding anniversary in Colorado with Charlie and Elisa and caught perfect timing with the fall colors and the first snow fall. More pictures here.

Total Eclipse
Colorado Fall Colors

Key West Fantasy Fest

Gladys and I went to Key West’s Fantasy Fest with our long-time Friends Tom and Helma Walker . The event is an adult-oriented costume party with a lot of body paint. This party has been on our bucket list for years. The event exceeded our expectations.

Tom Walker on his boat Tuca II

Holidays in Prescott

We plan to spend this Christmas in Prescott with family, and New Years Eve with our Houston-Brazilian Friends as we’ve done many times before.