Corey’s News in 2013

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 The last week of 2012 the kids and I went to Moab, Utah to do some hiking.  The night before, a snow storm covered the red rocks landscape in white.  It was very picturesque as the melting snow slowly exposed the colorful rocks of The Arches, and Canyonlands National Parks over the days we hiked the area.

In April we (Charlie, brother Dane, niece Sarah and her boyfriend Colin) hiked into to Havasu Falls, AZ, which is part of the Grand Canyon.  We stayed in the most remote village in the continental United States, Supai, AZ, an Indian village accessible only by hiking in 8 miles by foot, by mule or helicopter.  The Falls are in a canyon that feeds into the Grand Canyon, and pictures don’t do the beauty of the place the proper justice.  Hiking the Falls involved one of the scariest things I’ve done in my life; descending the 100 foot vertical rock face to the bottom of Mooney Falls. Whew! Definitely last time I do that.

This year I re-branded my business from Rent Your CIO, to Custom Business Software.  Organizationally it’s the same business. I just renamed the business to reflect what we really do: custom business software development. I am partnered with Avantica, that who has 350+ software developers in Costa Rica and Peru. This partnership gives my business a lot more scalability and a competitive cost advantage.  In September we officially launched the brand name, however we’ve been working with this business model for over a year now.

In July I went to Costa Rica, for a little business and more adventure.  I went for a few meetings and to celebrate with the development team over a few beers to say thanks for a successful year, and to have a few strategy discussions with my partners.  I then spent a week exploring Costa Rica more.  I went to Arenál Volcano, the beach (Pacific side), and a Corcovado National Park a nature preserve that is considered one of the most biologically dense and diverse places on this planet.  I saw Scarlet Macaws, Toucans, Tapir, a family of 20+  Peccary, American crocodile, Sloths, Spiny Lizards, all 4 varieties of monkeys and more tropical birds I can’t even name.  Check out some of the things I saw, here.


This Thanksgiving the kids and I hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. The morning we left, we were fortunate to see a rare (once in a decade) meteorological event for the Grand Canyon, a temperature inversion, that was so spectacular that it even hit the national news.  The clouds were down in the Canyon, instead of overhead. It looked like the world’s largest bubble bath.  You can notice the clouds in the background below.