Charlie’s News in 2013

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Why the hell is it the end of 2013 already? I feel like I just wrote one of these a couple days ago. All I can say about 2013 is: quick. It went by in a flash.

I think it’s because I’ve never been this busy in my life, never learned more, or have been more excited about work than this in 2013.

As some of you may remember, I took a leap into freelancing in late 2012 after helping my father out on some projects. As it turns out, I really like what I am doing! User interface and software design is a great mix of creative, critical thinking, and business problem solving.  It’s been a great fit for my jack-of-all-trades background.

By the start of the year, I ended up finding my own clients and solving problems. That’s what freelancing is all about. Some days I have to go find new work, other days I’m doing administrivia, and some days I get to take off. Speaking of which, vacation was big in 2013. I ended up taking full months of vacation this year.

Now after a year of solid work, I feel pretty confident in my skill-sets and where my destination resides. In the next couple days, I’ll be rolling out my new business’s site and ready to find more work.

As for non-work related news, you probably heard about our hikes to Havasupai and the Grand Canyon. It’s kindled a stronger interest in hiking and the outdoors. I’ve also started rock-climbing. Late summer, my girlfriend and I hired this awesome back-woods, Texan, hippie (who goes by “Rockdog”) to teach us how to climb for a day at Enchanted Rock, and we had a blast. So, lately we’ve gone to indoor rock gyms to relieve stress and feel the high of climbing stuff.

Squash is still a standard in my life. I’ve improved a lot this year too. This fall I rejoined a ladder that I once played in in 2010. Back then, I lost every match. And, I mean every one–even to that 80 year old guy! I left the ladder pretty frustrated, but knowing that I would seek vengeance. Fortunately, this go-round has gone better.

It’s been a slaughter. I’m undefeated.

So, there’s that.

All-in-all, I’m happy, and ready to take on more challenges for 2014.

I wish you all the best in the coming year, tremendous amounts of success with your personal & professional goals, and that you all achieve nirvana through extended vacations and wonderful memories with friends and family.

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