Alisons's News in 2016

This year, I’ll let my photos speak for my adventures in 2016. As is Prator tradition, I managed to visit over ten cities this year for vacations, which is a total success for me. I also travel much more for work but those cities are much less exciting. I’m making the most of my mid-twenties and it only goes up from here, right? …right?

Hope ya’ll have happy holidays and as always, please keep in touch.

Dancing in the Sambodromo for Carnival

There is really nothing more incredible than being in Rio De Janeiro for Carnival with your two best friends at the age of twenty-five. Our trip had it all, over indulging with delicious steak, caipirinha’s on Copacabana beach, three blind mice costumes, and of course, samba. Our bucket list item was topped when we danced with a top Samba school for Carnival in the Sambodromo and I think I finally reached my pinnacle of cool that day.

Camping in Dinosaur Valley

I’m not much of a camper (actually this was my first time ever), but who knew hiking, camping, and drinking was such a fantastic combination? I still maintain only two night of camping tops though; anything more and I’ll get cranky.

Visited Chicago

On a whim, I flew out to Chicago to meet up with a group of friends and check out the great Windy City. It even snowed unexpectedly and as a Texan I love all things snow.

Jazz Fest in New Orleans

I had to share this face swap from Jazz Fest simply for how terrifying we look combined. Needless to say, a child from Jamie and I would have to be put down immediately. Overall, the trip was a fantastic time with friends and I can never turn down an opportunity at cajun food in New Orleans.

Driving through Missouri for a work trip

This year for work I’ve managed to rack up plenty of miles on my car (and I made A-List for Southwest). One of my favorite drives is between Kansas City and St. Louis, and I’ve made it a handful of times this year alone. While traveling for work can be tedious, I’ve enjoyed it so far even though I wish I had ANY OTHER TERRITORY than South Central. (Because who really wants to go to Oklahoma?!)

Party Barge on Lake Conroe

Nikki is one of my oldest and best friends and this year we celebrated her birthday on a party barge in Conroe. It was a good time, ya’ll.

Labor Day Weekend in Austin

A weekend in Austin typically consists of floating the river, eating so much BBQ, and just basking in how beautiful the city is. My heart is forever in Austin, TX.

Glass Bottom Boat Tour in San Marcos

Although I graduated several years ago from Texas State, I always make an effort to go back and visit for nostalgia’s sake. If you ever pass through, make a point to stop for a Glass Bottom Boat Tour.

Pit Stop in Paris, TX

On our way to Arkansas for a hiking trip, we stopped in Paris, Texas for this beautiful sight. Worth it.

Peace Sign Rock in Ouachita National Forest

This hike ended up having so many disasters, but each day was beautiful in itself. We got lost several times trying to find this watering hole, but after a hot and sweaty day we got to take a dip and enjoy this rad rock.

Roadtrip to Ouachita National Forest

Chickens, rednecks, and beautiful forests in Arkansas.

Shovels and Rope concert

I met this goober, and he’s been a hoot and a half since. He showed me Shovels and Rope’s music and shortly after dragged me to their concert which is still one of my favorite dates with him.

Minka the cat

Still a crazy cat for a crazy cat lady.

Houston Dynamo vs FC Dallas

It’s fitting to watch Houston Dynamo play against FC Dallas now that they are both places of residence. Of course, I rooted for Houston, while my roommate, boyfriend, and friends all rooted for FC Dallas.

Hiking with Pop in Valles Calderas

The purpose of our trip to New Mexico was a belated Father’s Day gift and we spent the weekend hiking, eating delicious green chilies, and white water rafting. I’ve visiting NM before, but this trip felt like I got to appreciate it’s beauty so much more and I’m pumped to go back.

The Plaza in Old Town Albuquerque

Outside of our adventures, we spent time in the towns and cities wandering around and enjoying everything that is NM culture.

Cowboys game at Cowboys Stadium

Now, I’m not a Cowboys fan. In fact being from Houston, it’s frowned upon to be a Cowboys fan. But when your boyfriend gets free tickets and parking pass to a Cowboys game, I’ll suck it up and put on my blue and get to tailgating.

Oktoberfest in Addison, TX

While my brother went to Oktoberfest in Germany, I did the same. In Addison, TX. Practically the same, right?

Austin City Limits

ACL this year was a success and I got to see a lot of incredible bands. I love getting to groove out with great friends and the city is never a disappointment.

Biking in Mineral Wells, TX

While I don’t get to bike as often as I’d like to, this trip I learned how biking in sand is literally the devil. More often than not, we had a walk our bikes in sand. Still, we had a good time and ended our night at the world famous ghost tour of the haunted and abandoned hotel in downtown Mineral Wells.

Halloweekend in Denver, CO

When tickets to Colorado are less than $150, it’s always the best answer to buy them. That was the basis of our trip to Denver, and we spent Halloween bar hopping around. We got in a bit of wandering around and ate great food.

Eleven in Denver, CO

Of course for Halloween, I dressed up as Eleven from Stranger Things. Mainly because I had waffles for my drunk snack.

Tacky Christmas Sweater Party

It wouldn’t be December without our annual Tacky Christmas Sweater party and this year was a success. I passed out AFTER midnight this year, and enjoyed the company of some of my closest friends.