Alison’s News – 2013

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The beginning of the year started as my last semester at Texas State. I vowed to myself to make my last senior semester to be the best semester that I ever had, and I did not disappoint. I was still living in the ADPi house, I had my offer with AT&T, and I was finishing strong in school. A lot of great opportunities for fun came my way that semester and I made sure to say yes to everything. My sorority won a social media contest to have the Josh Abbott Band come serenade us in a private concert, I also spent my first official Mardi Gras in New Orleans with my best friend, went to ChiliFest in College Station, and I finally walked across the stage for my college graduation. On May 9th, I graduated from the McCoy Business School from Texas State, and as tradition, jumped into the San Marcos River.

To celebrate finishing school, I embarked on my “last” vacation before I started work. I spent the majority of May and June traveling through Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Asuncion, Paraguay, and Buenos Aires, Argentina. My parents, being the social butterflies they are, were able to reach out to family friends in each location so I could stay as a guest with friends. My vacation was one of the best I’ve ever had, and it certainly was the best way to spend my last summer before the 9-5.



Starting July 1st, I started the Business Sales Leadership Development Program with AT&T in Atlanta, GA. It has been a 5 month program where I learned about business sales and all the products that AT&T has to offer. The program has been an incredible opportunity, and Atlanta is such a beautiful city to be living in. Trust me, chicken and waffles is always a good idea. I “graduated” from the program a few weeks ago and since then I have been in the placement process to move to a city to start my actual position. I’m looking to stay in the south, but apart from that, who knows where I’ll be ending up for the New Year!

I spent Thanksgiving busting my butt down the Grand Canyon with my brother and Dad to spend the night at Phantom Ranch. I can easily say that was the most sore I have ever been, but I would do it over in a heartbeat. Of the people who visit the Grand Canyon, only 1% actually hike to the bottom. I can finally say I’m a one percent-er. I’ve been spending my holiday vacation in Houston for now with my family relaxing.

So I guess you could say I’m finally an adult or something.