Happy Holidays from the Prators!

Corey’s News in 2019

You can click through these photos for a quick reviews of this year.


I  spent most of the year gallivanting outside Houston; and  ⅓ in Colorado.

Keeping fit

Squash and hiking continue to be a big part of my life.

Urban Hiking

I love urban hiking because you get to know a city in greater detail while staying fit.

Rocky Mountain National Park

I celebrated my 64th birthday hiking Rocky Mountain National Park with Gladys and the kids. Did a bit of fly fishing. Caught a tree branch :-). It was a wonderful day doing things I love the most, spending time outdoors with loved ones.


I skied  8 days last season, and hope to do the same this season. The kids and I have season passes.  With ski gear in our Denver apartment I can be on the lift in 90 minutes.

Hiking the Inca Trail to Machu PIcchu

I hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in September. My friend, Jorge Squier set up the adventure for the 9 of us.  The adventure exceeded all my expectations.

Inca Trail Glamping

Here’s the dinner tent with our group of 9 plus 2 guides.  The hike took 5 days, 30 miles with 7,000 to 14,000 foot elevation. Grueling, but we all made it.

Fly fishing in Montana

This summer, Jorge Squier and I drove from Denver to fly fish in Montana with Jay Curry. Our trip took us through Yellowstone, Grand Tetons and Rocky Mountain National Parks, with lots of driving filled with long conversations, fishing, hiking and great camaraderie.

Diving Key Largo and Maui

I joined an organization called Dent . I describe it like TED Talks merged with National Geographic Expeditions. This Fall we helped restore a coral reef in Key Largo dove with sea turtles Maui.    The events are amazing, and the conversations with the damn interesting people the group attracts are even more interesting.


In January my close friend and business partner Mike Frey and I went to Panama City, Panama. Mike was born in the Canal Zone  which gave him the rights to become a Panamanian. He invited me as his unofficial translator. I was very impressed with Panama and we had a lot of fun exploring.

Music Appreciation

Listening to live music continues to be important to me. Colorado has an amazing Jazz scene. With a Jazz festival most any weekend over the summer. Gladys and I also went to Princeton and Philly to listen to Jazz with our friends Keith and Joyce.

Playing Music

Twelve years ago I learned to play the piano; late in life.  I continue taking Jazz improvisation piano lessons. To raise the bar this year I put together a band with friends, Jorge Squier (Bass), Andre Noguiera (Guitar) and Lawrence Hackney (Drums) where we played a set of standards and Latin jazz (“Fly Me to the Moon”, “Girl  From Ipanema”, etc.) at a Holiday Party where we invited 30 friends to be our audience.

Gladys’s News in 2019

Dear friends and family, in a blink of an eye the Holidays are here. Click through this photo gallery for highlights.

Seattle urban hiking

Corey and I walked all around Seattle in April. We enjoyed the food and the scenery. I love this city!

Seattle Wooden Boat Museum

Sightseeing in Seattle.

Pikes Place Market - Seattle

More sightseeing in Seattle.

Jazz Crawl-Philly

We did another Jazz Crawl this year with our friends Keith and Joyce.

Chris Botti in Princeton, NJ

Another show, with Keith and Joyce.

Celebrating Mother's Day in Denver with Charlie and Alison

Miami November

My sister, Silvana and I went to the International Esthetician and Spa convention in Miami.

Charlie - Boulder

On the way to Charlie’s place in Boulder.

Union Station Christmas 2019

Downtown Denver is gorgeous during the Holidays.

Alison’s news in 2019

Sometimes I think stability is the main theme of life that I seek out but every time I think I’ve achieved it, I find myself bored. So maybe, finally, at twenty-eight I’ve finally achieved some semblance of responsibility and adulthood, but really I think I’ve just perfected my pokerface.

Here’s the good, bad, and ugly for 2019.

The Good:

  • Internationally, I traveled to England, Italy, Germany, and Portugal (and visited over seven cities including celebrating the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall in Berlin!). I also managed to fit in visiting Texas and California.
  • While I’m nowhere near perfect, I can snowboard down a blue run without falling. No broken bones…yet. 
  • I picked up rollerskating, as if I didn’t have enough hobbies that bruise me, and have been poorly skating around Denver.
  • Call me utterly, mindlessly, stupidly, crazy because I’ve fallen madly in love with Paul, my boyfriend. Honestly, it feels like I’ve drilled a hole in my brain when I’m around him because I can’t stop being irrevocably in love. And here I thought, all these year that I knew what love was, only to geniunely feel it like my entire head and soul have been flipped upside down. I might have lost my mind, but I’ve got him and that’s all that seems to matter.
  • Work has been a fun and still challenging experience, and I received a promotion earlier to run the sales team. Imposter syndrome is still in full tilt.
  • I’ve made a few cool friends through Bumble BFF this year. Shocking, I know. It’s just one part of my plan to become the most popular girl in the whole wide world and start a girl gang. We’ve got to bring down the patriarchy somehow. 

The Bad:

  • Minka jumped off my 4th story balcony and shattered her two back legs. Fortunately, she survived and her two legs were the only injuries and after surgery, bandages, lots of rest, and thousands of dollars later, she’s fully recovered. She’s still prefers one of her legs, but she’s back to being the goober I know.
  • I’ve traveled less this year, perhaps because of stability, or tiredness, or whatever the reason. It’s a good and bad thing depending on how I’m feeling about it that day, but I know I don’t have much room to complain. I live a good life and still travel to magical places.
  • I’ve been stressed a lot this year. Partially from work, family, Minka, personal frustrations, whatever, a million reasons under the sun. I bring it up because I think mental health is something that a lot of people choose to ignore or try to define it as some sort of weakness. It’s important to normalize the need for better mental health and help; I haven’t managed to figure it all out but this is something that I want to focus on for the new year. 


And that’s it. You ever hear of an Irish exit? 

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